Marble cakes are now available on Amazon and eBay!

By J.P. ShahThe Marble Coasters, Marble Images and Marble Cake are all now available to buy on Amazon in India, thanks to the recent release of a Marble Cake and Marble Images book by Gopal Krishna, a professor at the School of Architecture, Design and Architecture at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi.

According to the publisher, Krishna has also released a book on Marble Image Creation and the Marble Cake, Marble images, Marble Coaster and Marble cake.

“The book covers all aspects of the Marble project, from the creation of the original marble images, the design and manufacture of the marble cakes, the creation and distribution of Marble Images, Marble Cake’s website and Marble Coasts websites.

The book also includes detailed illustrations on the design of the books Marble Coast, Marble Cakes, Marble Coins, Marble Carved, Marble Plaques, Marble Pendants and Marble Slab,” reads the website for the book.”

This book is available on the Amazon India website, with a price tag of Rs 4,999, but the book is also available on eBay and from other online bookshops,” said Krishna.

The Marble Cake book was published by GKV Publishing in 2014.

According the publisher:”The Marble project was conceived in 2005.

The book explores the creation process of Marble, from concept to production and its commercialisation in India.

The Marble project is a multi-faceted endeavour and the book covers the history of the project, its milestones and milestones since its inception, and the current challenges facing the Marble Project.”

The Marble Images website and the website of Marble Coaves is now available, with the Marble images on Amazon India and