Walmart, Kroger and Kroger to build new ‘Marbled Salamander’ store in West Palm Beach

West Palm beach, Florida— Walmart, Walmart, and Krogens stores are moving forward with plans to build a new “marbled” salamanders “store” in the West Palm area, the West Florida Sun Sentinel reported Wednesday.

The plans call for a new store to be built in the town of West Palm and the West Lake Village in West Palmetto County.

The proposed site would have a landscaped courtyard, a water feature and “an area to house a small collection of salamandras,” according to a press release.

The new store would be constructed from the ground up and would have retail space for “approximately 1,500 people, a community garden, a fountain, a waterfall, and a nature walk.”

The proposed development would also include a public art exhibit, a sculpture garden and an outdoor play area.

The development is a joint effort between Walmart and Kroeger.

It is also a result of the merger of the two companies.

Kroeger acquired Walmart in 2011 for $1.9 billion.