Jenna Marbles tops nightstand

Jenna Marbles has a reputation for her bold designs, but she says her newest collection is more modest and modestly crafted.

She teamed up with New York-based boutique The Next Style to create a collection of nightstands that are designed to fit her minimalist aesthetic.

The collection features a set of six handcrafted chairs that are meant to evoke the beauty of a sunset and the warm glow of a sunrise, all while offering a touch of whimsy and whimsy in the process.

The Next Style, which was founded in 2005, specializes in luxury home furnishings, and has been described as “a luxury home designer in the making.”

Jenna Marples has been featured in the New York Times, Time and other publications for her unique take on home furnishing.

The collection of six handmade furniture sets was designed by Jenna Marches and features a selection of vintage furniture, as well as a selection from her favorite home brands.

The range of furniture features a mix of classic and modern design, but all are designed in a way that will make you feel at home.

Each set is designed with a unique hand-sculpted look that complements the decor of the home.

The furniture is available in four different finishes, including matte black, gold and silver.

The first set, available now on the Next Style website, features the classic red chair with white accents.

The other four furniture sets are available on a selection to be revealed in a few months.

The Next style also has a collection for the home, which is a collection that can be tailored to fit any lifestyle.

There are several collections that can make the most of your home space, including the home-inspired furniture from The Next, as Jenna Marbies furniture collection is also available as a full-on home decor.

Jenna Marples is known for her distinctive style, and the brand has been recognized by Time magazine and other magazines, including Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Vogue and more.

Jenna Marades home decor collection is available now for $9,700, which includes a custom-made, handcrafted marble desk, and a custom made, custom-crafted chair, which will match the accent color of your room.