How to tell if a team has a QB in the final cuts

The NFL is on the hunt for a quarterback to start for a playoff team and, of course, that means the teams with the deepest pockets need to have the best possible players in their system.

The final cuts are coming up, and the players in those positions have a lot to say about their future.

Here’s a look at the final cut order for each position.


QBs, tight ends, and wide receivers, with a few caveats: 1.1.

The position of QB is so difficult that the top quarterbacks in the league are expected to be in the last year of their contracts, which means they’ll have to decide what their future looks like in 2017.

So far, most of them have declined to take a pay cut.

And the biggest question for the quarterback position right now is: How will he look?

Here’s what we know about some of the players who could be on the chopping block.


Wide receivers, tight end, and offensive line, with some caveats: 2.1: We’re talking about wide receivers in this group.

That means we’ve got to look at players who are either coming off of major injuries or who have played a large amount of snaps over the last two years.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll be bad guys, though.

In fact, some have looked like they can be very productive, as Tom Brady showed this season.

Here are some players who might be in contention for that final spot.


Offensive line, offensive tackle, guard, and defensive end, with few caveats in place: 3.1 There’s no doubt that offensive tackle is a must-have for a team.

And while we’re on the topic, offensive guard is another position that could get a lot of work, as both left tackles and right tackles are in need of help.

Defensive end is the hardest position to predict because there’s so much turnover.

So it might be interesting to see how the final decision is made on that end of the spectrum.


Running backs, wide receivers and tight ends with a couple caveats: 4.1 Most of the top running backs in the game will be on their final rosters in 2017, so it’s not a surprise that we’re talking here about some names.

The last-place teams in the NFC East are in a position to be playoff contenders, so they’ll need a guy like the likes of Marshawn Lynch, Stevan Ridley, or Ezekiel Elliott to step up in the backfield.

They could also see an opportunity to sign a free agent, as teams are looking for talent in the draft and free agency.

But, at the same time, the Rams need to find a way to keep Jared Goff in their offense.

So, we have a few other names to look out for in this spot, including DeMarco Murray and DeAndre Washington.


Defensive line, defensive end and linebacker, with no caveats in position: 5.1 Here’s another position in need to make some noise in 2017: the defensive line.

Teams have to keep a close eye on the competition for the first spot, as that’s where the best defensive linemen are coming from.

Defensive ends have to be very good, and if you can’t find a guy who can play both end and tackle, it’s going to be tough for a young team like the Titans to compete.


Cornerbacks, safeties, and linebackers, with the exception of safety: 5,6.

Safety is the last position that the league needs to be concerned about, as the NFL has a ton of competition for that position in the secondary and linebackers.

But there are a few cornerbacks who could make the final roster for a roster spot, and one of them might even be a contender for the top safety job.


Running back, wide receiver, and tight end with a lot caveats: 6.1 In this group, the players with the highest ceilings might have to wait until the first day of free agency to see what the league has to offer.

But one player who could potentially have the most impact on the team is Ezekiel Elliott.

Elliott was one of the most exciting players in football last season and could really put a damper on a playoff-bound Falcons team.

He has the ability to score big plays and is a versatile receiver who can make plays all over the field.

He might be the only player in the entire NFL who can break free of the defense and put the ball in the hands of tight ends and wideouts.


Runningback, wide linebacker, defensive tackle, defensive line, safety, and linebacker with some limitations in place, with caveats in play: 7.1 With only a few notable names, it would be difficult to make any final decisions for this group of players.

But a few of the names here have the potential to make a splash.

Some of the best running backs come from the NFC West, which makes it difficult for teams to keep up.

And if they