Trump signs $50 million contract to build marble desk cleaner for President

The president signed a contract Wednesday to build and operate a marble floor cleaner at his Washington, D.C. residence.

The marble floor cleaning service will be part of the president’s effort to clean up the Oval Office, where the president has long been seen in public, with the marble floor as the main barrier between him and his constituents.

The marble floor is part of a $5.5 million contract for the marble cleaning service, which will start in the fall, said Marc Kasowitz, the president of Kasowitz Benson Torres, which is overseeing the deal.

Kasowitz is also an adviser to the Trump Organization, according to Kasowitz’s website.

A marble floor, which has a smooth surface and is more resilient than marble tile, is the most common type of tile in the United States.

The floor is often used to protect against dust, and can be washed in hot water.

It is also used to maintain the smoothness of marble walls.

The contract will run through 2021, the year Trump’s first term ends, and the president will still have a year to run the marble company.

Kasowsky said he expects the marble-cleaning service to be a “major addition to the president-elect’s efforts to improve public facilities and services in his administration.”