How to get out of the Trump bubble

President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration was one of the most watched events in history.

The events on the Mall and across the nation marked a significant moment in the history of the United States, and in the process, they will forever be remembered.

But there are also some who are worried about how the new president-elect is going to handle the transition and the country.

“It’s a very unique situation, because I don’t know what’s going to happen in the first 100 days,” Trump supporter and former U.S. ambassador to China, Gary Locke, told ABC News.

“It’s very unpredictable.

There’s no one that knows what’s coming up, and you can’t even guess at the moment.”

Liberals are also worried about what they see as Trump’s lack of commitment to the United Nations and his attacks on the free press.

Liberals have a message for the new administration: The future of the world is not in our hands.

The White House said on Monday that Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have committed to working with the international community to support the fight against global terrorism and promote a world free of nuclear weapons.

The two men have also vowed to work closely with their international counterparts to combat climate change.

“I look forward to working together with the new President to build a better, more prosperous world,” Pence said in a statement Monday.

“We are all in this together.

The only difference is that this time, we have a president who is ready to stand up for America, not take it from her.”

Libertarian Gary Locke (R) is an outspoken Trump supporter.

He told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that while Trump has said he will focus on “peace and prosperity” and to focus on fighting global terrorism, he has no idea how the transition will proceed.

“He’s a lot of things, but there’s no way to tell if he’s going back to what he was saying before, and he’s never really taken the time to go back,” Locke said.

“If he goes back to that, he’s not going to be a very good president.”

Locke said the Trump administration should focus on domestic issues.

“That’s the real problem.

He has no sense of the actual problems that exist,” he said.”

The problem is not the president-Elect or the Cabinet members,” Locke added.

“The problem in America is that the people who are supposed to be making the decisions are the people in Washington, D.C., and not the people of this country.”

For his part, Locke said he thinks the new Trump administration is going in the right direction.

“They’re trying to be good, but I think they’re going in exactly the wrong direction,” he told ABC.

“If you look at the way that the government has been run, it’s been in a very authoritarian, one-party, one man, one party, one woman kind of environment.

And I think that that’s what the new government is going for.

They’re trying really hard to be that.”

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