Black-and-white striped bag of marbled polecats is selling for £6.1 million

Business Insider UK business blog Black-And-White Striped Bag Of Marbled Polecats is being sold at a UK auction for £4.8 million.

It was launched in 2015 and was the subject of an article in Business Insider last month.

The bag of poles had been acquired by the Wildlife Foundation, which is working to restore it.

This is the first time a bag of polecats has been auctioned at auction, said the charity’s director, Pauline McGovern.

“We were shocked to see how quickly the black and white striped bag became popular,” McGovern said.

“It’s a very rare animal, and it’s a fantastic piece of heritage.”

The charity says it has received numerous calls from customers about the animal and wants to raise awareness of the importance of keeping these animals.

“If you don’t know where they are, it’s quite hard to find them,” she said.

Black-In-White striped polecats are one of the most iconic animals in the world.

They are considered by many to be the apex predator of their species.

“Black-and white striped polecat has an incredible life history,” McLean said.

The charity’s website shows that the polecat’s ancestors were hunted and slaughtered by people and were hunted for sport.

“The world’s greatest animal, they were hunted down and killed for their skin,” she added.