New Australian marble statue ‘set to bring happiness’ to children

A new marble statue of a smiling cat will be unveiled in Sydney today as part of a campaign to promote good behaviour.

The statue will be built by Sydney-based sculpture company Novell.

The Cat Cat will be located on a site at East End Road, between Bondi Beach and The Rocks, at the end of a pathway known as the Novella Walk.

The project is being organised by the Cat Foundation, which has raised more than $500,000 for a cat sanctuary in the city.

The charity has been working with NoveLL for about two years to create a statue that will be free for the public.

The Foundation said it was a natural fit with the cat-centric theme of the project, which it hopes will inspire positive behaviour and social interaction in children and families.

NoveLL said it hoped the statue would be a catalyst for positive changes in the lives of children and young people.

“The Cat is one of the most beloved cats in the world, and Novelli is committed to creating a statue of the cat that celebrates the lives and achievements of cats, the cat’s love of life, and the cat himself,” said the Foundation.

“We are committed to making the Cat a permanent and symbolic symbol of positive change in children’s lives, a symbol that can serve as a reminder of good and fair behaviour and good manners, while encouraging positive changes within our society.”

The statue is a collaboration between Novello, the Foundation, and The Cat Foundation.

The Cats are a small breed of marsupial native to Australia.

The cat’s iconic facial expressions and the Cat’s trademark catlike gait have been a staple of the Australian public imagination since the 1930s.

The famous catwalk, which began as a tourist attraction in Sydney in the 1920s, is now part of Sydney’s cultural fabric, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.