Which players will have their jerseys retired?

When the NHL officially announces its new uniforms, the players will wear black and white jerseys, which will go on sale to the general public in October.

There’s been speculation the NHL would move away from the red and white scheme it has used since 1997, but now that the uniforms have been unveiled, we know the answer.

The league will use white, grey and black jerseys for the first time, along with alternate designs for both men and women.

The jerseys will be black and gray, but will also have a blue-and-white gradient for a “tinted” look.

The black and grey jerseys will go up for sale in October, and the white jerseys will debut in November.

Here are some of the more interesting details to come out of the announcement:The new jersey designs will be a bit different than what they will wear in the past.

While the NHL’s current jerseys are designed to be “tints,” the new designs will use a “pale gray” to “dramatically” differentiate them from the current designs.

The “gray” is a nod to the fact that this is not the NHL uniform.

The jersey design has already been seen on the front of the jersey and on the back of the jerseys, but the new jerseys will also be black, grey, white and black.

The colors are also being updated for the new uniforms.

The blue-white jerseys are the most likely to be worn on the ice.

The “gray,” which is being used to represent the new jersey design, will be the first to go on the market.

The jersey will go back to the “pink” color scheme that the league used for its past uniforms.

The new uniforms will go for $130 per pair, with each pair priced at $80.

The $130 jersey will be made of black leather, while the $80 jersey will use an all-black material.

The prices are up from $100 last year, so it will probably sell out quickly.

If you’d like to try on the new uniform and don’t want to pay the full $130, you can find more information about the new design and prices here.

The NHL will also introduce a new uniform on the backs of jerseys for every team.

There will be two pairs of uniforms, and each pair will have a different color.

The uniforms will also feature a black and blue gradient for an “artistic” look and will be priced at about $65.

If you’d prefer to buy a pair of the new black and brown jerseys, you’ll have to pay $65 for the whole pair.

If that’s too expensive for you, you could also get a pair for $40 each.

The old jersey designs were not as well known outside of the NHL.

The current jerseys will appear in every major NHL market, including New York and Los Angeles.

In addition to the jerseys for all 32 teams, there will be an “A” patch on the sleeves of the white jersey.

The old designs, which were only used on the blue and black jersey, were only worn by the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The new jerseys, however, are expected to be available in all markets.