‘Cursed’ marble room in Cleveland’s red marble palace is cursed

The palace’s former occupant, the famed Russian artist Alexander Nevsky, has died, according to the Cleveland Museum of Art.

The cause of death is not known.

The museum says the artist died in his sleep in September 2017.

His wife, Elena Nevsky-Voronova, confirmed his death on Instagram on Tuesday.

“Alexander Nevsky was a pioneer of the Russian style of painting, and his work in marble was legendary,” the museum said in a statement.

“His work in pink marble is one of the most famous examples of this style.”

It was Nevsky’s famous pink marble room that the National Enquirer dubbed “the worst hotel room in America” last year, after it was discovered to be haunted by the ghost of a murdered hotel clerk.

The room had the word “pink” carved into its marble and its ceiling was covered with white paint.

It was also decorated with an illustration of a man with a hammer.

The room was originally a house in Russia, but the Russian artist fled to the United States and then returned to Russia.

He built the marble room, which became known as the “Marble Room”, in 1930, at the request of the then-prime minister, Joseph Stalin.

It became an international attraction and later became known for its white marble walls.

The walls were painted with pink, red and blue marbles.