Black marble shower has a few new tricks to it

Engadgets article By now, you’ve probably seen a few of these stunning shower heads.

These shower heads, called “Culture Marble” or “Cambrian” shower heads from Ikea, have a few features that make them a lot like modern high-end shower heads: a black marble countertop, which helps it stand out from other modern showers, and a white counter, which has an integrated toilet.

The white counter also lets the water flow out of the shower head, and the marble counter also makes the shower look much more elegant.

The best part is, these shower heads are affordable, too: Ikea’s prices for these shower sets range from $5,499 to $7,499, and some even go as low as $5.99 for the white counter.

They’re also a great way to upgrade your bathroom, too, as they come with an automatic shower curtain, a showerhead stand, and an adjustable shower head stand, making it a great solution for people who want to use their bathroom for extended periods of time.

We’re all pretty excited to have these showerheads in our bathrooms!