How to Make the Perfect Marble Kitchen Interior with a Simple Painted Marble Kitchen Floor

We have been meaning to make this marble kitchen flooring for a while now.

After a few trips to Home Depot to get the exact color for my bathroom flooring and a few weeks of searching online, I finally found one that fit the bill and it was really easy to do. 

I’m so glad I finally got around to doing this marble flooring since it was one of the first marble floors I saw at the Home Depot.

I love the marble in the marble bathroom floor and this marble marble kitchen was a perfect fit for it.

I used a 4mm acrylic paint, I sprayed the marble floor and the marble countertops in a thin coat of lacquer and painted them in a glossy clear coat.

I wanted to make sure that the marble was a true marble marble, which is why I used marble.

I wanted the marble to be completely opaque, so I used an acrylic paint that is clear to the touch but still opaque to the eye.

To make this flooring, I started by spraying the marble with a clear acrylic paint and then I sprayed a second coat of the clear acrylic on top of the second coat.

After I had done that, I used clear lacquer to top it off.

I then sprayed the second coating on the marble marble countertop and marble counter tops and then finished the marble wall.

I also added some light color accents to the marble kitchen and marble bathrooms.

I added a little dark pink to the bottom of the marble counters and a light blue to the top of marble marble floor. 

The marble counter top and marble floor looks amazing and it gives a really subtle touch to the space.

I also love how the marble is really translucent.

I like how it looks like a beautiful marble floor but the marble interior is also completely opaque.

This marble marble bathroom countertop was a great addition to my home and I am really glad I did this marble tile flooring.

This marble marble marble is a great flooring option that is really easy and super affordable.

You can get it at Home Depot for just $19.99 and it is easy to clean and you can do it on your own if you have the time.

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to comment below.