Which is your favorite Fox News star?

Fox News host and CNN commentator Erin Burnett was among the most popular personalities on Twitter during the holiday season, but she’s not the only one.

The New York Times reported that celebrity Twitter users took the time to name their favorite Twitter personalities on Wednesday, with the list largely comprised of the same personalities who have been trending on Twitter for years.

Here’s the full list:Former President Donald Trump tweeted a photo of himself and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sitting in a room with the caption “Happy Thanksgiving.”

The former first lady tweeted, “I’m really enjoying my Thanksgiving dinner with you, @RepFiorina.

The whole family!”

The actor George Clooney tweeted, “#FoxNews is my favorite show, but I love my friends @JennaMbles sexy pic.twitter.com/9eKlHg9b0d”While Kate Upton posted, “Happy Holidays @RepRepFirona!

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!”

Other popular celebrities to tweet include, the late comedian John Oliver, former Fox News contributor John Binder, and former GOP congressman Joe Walsh.

“Happy Thanksgiving @RepWilson,” tweeted Oliver.

“Happy Christmas and thanks for all the support, I’ll be back next week for more #FoxNews!”

The Huffington Post reported that some of the names on the list included former President Donald J. Trump, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, former Massachusetts Gov.

Mitt Romney, former Arkansas Gov.

Mike Huckabee, and New Jersey Gov.

Chris Christie.

“Happy New Years @RepWalsh,” tweeted Bloomberg.

“Good to be home.


A few other celebrities who tweeted their favorites were comedian Aziz Ansari, actor and writer-producer Will Ferrell, and comedian Bill Burr.